Southern Spain Houses

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Residential Pablo Picasso in Las Gabias Granada

Granada in Andalusia offers you the possibility to live and set a place for business. The locality of Las Gabias is a quiet place to live. The Residential Pablo Picasso awaits you with many options to choose from.

How to improve the security of your new house in Spain

You can find a place to live – quiet, peaceful, attractive and safety. But you won’t be there twenty four hours a day. You need to go out to the beach, and meet the city instead of staying at home… Continue Reading →

Water leaks in your new home

Maybe you can have some time living in Andalusia and everything goes smoothly. But problems occur when you least think, especially in the fall or winter when the rain returns to test the ability of the structures of the house. If there is a leak through the roof of your new house, know how to fix it.

Vacations in Torremolinos – Malaga

The summer is not gone yet so it’s time to find places in the southern Spain to enjoy its marvelous beaches. But hotels’ rooms near the beach are very expensive and you need more alternatives that allow you to get freedom and control of the place you will live for those days. Think of Torremolinos and the following option for accommodation.

Before renting or buying a house in Southern Spain

There are many places in the Southern Spain that you can rent or buy, but you must be careful at the moment to make a deal. Once you have selected the zone you want to live or set you seasonal vacation you have to choose the right house. Here, there are some tips for you to remember at the moment you check your next apartment or house.

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