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Staying in Arcos de la frontera

The rural towns of southern Spain as Arcos de la Frontera in Cádiz – Andalusia keeps you many charming places to visit. But you can’t do it in just a single day so you will need to rent a rural house or hotel. Then, all you have to do will be to visit the main sights of the city.

The techniques of Home Staging

There are times when you decide to move in a while. For whatever reasons you have in the meantime you need to apply some techniques of Home Staging so you can live comfortably and set an environment nicely for a potential buyer.

Touristic apartment in Manilva – Malaga

Very close to the center of Manilva, you can enjoy living in a place near everywhere. We will show you this place, a touristic apartment for you and your relative when they come for a visit to you.

Apartment in the center of Motril

Sometimes the opportunity comes in the form of living in the southern of Spain surrounded with history, monuments, beaches and a nice weather. One option is an apartment in the center of Motril. Then you must quickly decide to buy a place to live, more over if the price is a bargain.

Duplex in Sanlucar de Barrameda

he city of Sanlucar de Barrameda allows you to meet beautiful places with nature, of fauna and flora. Maybe, if you need to stay longer than you expected to study the natural spaces around then you will need to rent an apartment. But if came in a large group it is advisable to get a house or duplex to live comfortable enough in Sanlucar de Barrameda, Cadiz – Andalusia.

House in Ronda – Malaga

Ronda is located in the northwestern of Malaga. As many other Spanish cities, Ronda has the conditions to live, surrounded with historical sites to visit and with the opportunities to buy a house also.

3 Bedroom flat in Salobreña – Granada

Salobreña is a coastal city that is much known for its cluster of whitewashed houses and narrow streets that came from Moorish times. If you find in Salobreña the place to live there are many houses and flats for sale as the one we will show you in this opportunity.

Repairing the holes in the walls of the apartment you’re leaving

The moment you leave a house or an apartment that you’ve rented for a while, you need to repair the holes in the walls you’ve done, for hanging mirrors, pictures and paintings. Otherwise, you will pay the expenses to the landlord, or he will charge them from the refundable money for guarantee you made at the beginning. In the case of holes in the walls proceed as follow before painting.

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