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Tips for improving the value of your property

You have made an investment buying a property somewhere in southern Spain. You can be comfortably well when you visit Spain and spent a good time in your property but there is always a chance to sell it. No matter the reasons, if you take care of making some improvements, the value of your property will increase.

How to get your house in southern Spain safe from fire

When you buy a house in southern Spain you must check the possibilities that may exist to start a fire and how to get safe from it. If you get a plan in advance you not only will be safe from injuries but also be safe from loosing your investment in housing.

The techniques of Home Staging

There are times when you decide to move in a while. For whatever reasons you have in the meantime you need to apply some techniques of Home Staging so you can live comfortably and set an environment nicely for a potential buyer.

Repairing the holes in the walls of the apartment you’re leaving

The moment you leave a house or an apartment that you’ve rented for a while, you need to repair the holes in the walls you’ve done, for hanging mirrors, pictures and paintings. Otherwise, you will pay the expenses to the landlord, or he will charge them from the refundable money for guarantee you made at the beginning. In the case of holes in the walls proceed as follow before painting.

How to improve the security of your new house in Spain

You can find a place to live – quiet, peaceful, attractive and safety. But you won’t be there twenty four hours a day. You need to go out to the beach, and meet the city instead of staying at home… Continue Reading →

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