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Ways to live in Malaga – Southern Spain

Many reasons can bring you to Southern Spain. Malaga, in Andalusia, is one of the favorite cities. A visitor goes there because of its best weather, a multicultural environment, high cultural level history, great monuments and stunning beaches. You can be one of the many tourists who not only make tourism but also buy a property to live or start a business there. Let’s find some places you can choose.

Invest for you summer vacations in Southern Spain from the winter

Once again the weather can be our ally if you really think to buy a house in Southern Spain. As the temperature in all the cities get its lower value amongst the winter, you can take advantage of it. Let’s analyze your chances.

Three options for “Living Costa del Sol”

When you came to visit Southern Spain you found many attractive places you wish to live in. From all of them, Malaga keeps an especial place in your heart because of the nice weather of its Costa del Sol. Then you will be glad to live in this eternal sunny place with monuments and attractions for your enjoy. Let’s check 3 options for “Living Costa del Sol”.

House in Ronda – Malaga

Ronda is located in the northwestern of Malaga. As many other Spanish cities, Ronda has the conditions to live, surrounded with historical sites to visit and with the opportunities to buy a house also.

Vacations in Torremolinos – Malaga

The summer is not gone yet so it’s time to find places in the southern Spain to enjoy its marvelous beaches. But hotels’ rooms near the beach are very expensive and you need more alternatives that allow you to get freedom and control of the place you will live for those days. Think of Torremolinos and the following option for accommodation.

A place to live near the beaches of Fuengirola

One of the most pleasant places to live near the beach is Fuengirola. A city located in the southern of Malaga, that could be the point of your summer vacation around The Costa del Sol.

House in Torremolinos – Malaga

Malaga has many charming towns. These in turn host properties for sale, many of them are close to the Costa del Sol. In Torremolinos, there is a house with everything needed for permanent residence or vacation home.

House in Nueva Andalucia – Marbella

Prices in southern Spain are at your fingertips. As real estate sales are continuing to advertise across Europe. This time we offer a charming House in Nueva Andalucía. Only 5 minutes from Puerto Banus in Marbella, a city of sun and beaches.

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