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With a southern Spain house you won’t be frozen by the cold snap

This last cold snap has frozen most Europe with temperatures close to – 40 º C. In Spain the weather is kind of similar except for southern Spain provinces in Andalusia. Southern Spain houses are the best places for avoiding this climatic phenomenon.

Places on the web to find a house in Southern Spain

Even though we often publish some articles about many properties on sale or rent, you can also make your own searching. For this purposes we recommend you a couple of good places on the web to find a house in Southern Spain.

Invest for you summer vacations in Southern Spain from the winter

Once again the weather can be our ally if you really think to buy a house in Southern Spain. As the temperature in all the cities get its lower value amongst the winter, you can take advantage of it. Let’s analyze your chances.

The worst economic local time in Spain is the best for buying a house there

Unfortunately for some people the economic crisis has led them to problems in real estate, especially for those who bought a house, some years ago. Nevertheless, with the continuous falling in prices for new or second hand houses, you just need to decide where to live and buy a place in southern Spain, before they rise a little at the end of the year.

Summer Vacation in Águilas

The city of Águilas is located in the southern of Murcia, very close to Andalusia. It features a great weather with soft temperature in the summer and no cold winters. It is exactly in the summer and with its beaches where you can find a place to stay for an entire summer vacation and enjoy of the tourism around the city.

House in Guardias Viejas – El Ejido

Located in the southern of El Eljido, Los Baños de Guardias Viejas is a little town that has many places to live o set your summer vacation. The beaches and a local wonderful weather are reasons enough to choose the right one.

Apartment in Puerto Rey – Vera

Puerto Rey is a town of Vera (Almeria – Andalusia) which is located near the sea. Its beaches, attractions and natural beauty make it the ideal place to reside or spend your summer vacation. Consider the apartment we suggest below as well as attractions in the city of Vera.

“Horizonte” Building in Adra – Almería

Living near the sea and with a benevolent climate is easier from Adra, a town in the province of Almeria. In the promenade area of Adra, the “Group Adra” has built the Horizonte building in which you and your family can live comfortably and enjoy the benefits of the beach.

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