Noem, one green and affordable way to get a Southern Spain house

If you have always thought that the only way to live in Southern Spain is buying an existing property (brand new or used) you’re slightly wrong. There is Noem, a company that can build you a house which can help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Ideal for rural environments

Sometimes you wish to live in a rural city of Southern Spain. Then you have many options as buying a rural house or build your own rural houses. Before doing something think of buying just the land and bring you house ready to locate on it. Noem can make it possible.

Save energy, time and money

With the last Winner Eit Awards 2012, Noem is a company that specializes in pre-built houses. One advantage is that you can save up to 90 % of energetic consumption while it is built in comparison with traditional methods. And these savings made for Noem is your saving at the moment of the payments.

Options with Noem

Yours options with Noem are the followings according your need and projects in Southern Spain:

  • Noem go. A modular system easily mobile and transportable. Ready in ten weeks.
  • Noem Stay. When you are determined to live in a definite place you can have you house ready in three months.
  • Noem up. A system that fits some projects of buildings up to 5 floors. You just save money (up to 60 % in time).

You cam accomplish your project of a house at you size and needs with Noem in the place you will have chosen in Southern Spain.