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What to do when things go wrong with your property in Southern Spain

Sometimes you buy a property in southern Spain with the hope to resell it after a period of time. But our global economy changes surprisingly against us. Now, you have a property which less value than what you paid. Let’s learn some ways to recover the lost money.

Houses for rent in Alicante during holy week

Holy week in Alicante begin in March. Then, it follows in April, mainly in the first week. You can find in Alicante a place for vacation. An entirely month sounds a good idea. Choose April. You just only need houses… Continue Reading →

When deciding to rent your property

Once again we must face the weather troubled of leaving our property in Southern Spain. So the idea of renting sounds no bad. But there is still a problem, when deciding to rent your property, of looking someone to rent it and how to watch the conditions established in the lease contract.

Places on the web to find a house in Southern Spain

Even though we often publish some articles about many properties on sale or rent, you can also make your own searching. For this purposes we recommend you a couple of good places on the web to find a house in Southern Spain.

Invest for you summer vacations in Southern Spain from the winter

Once again the weather can be our ally if you really think to buy a house in Southern Spain. As the temperature in all the cities get its lower value amongst the winter, you can take advantage of it. Let’s analyze your chances.

Repairing the holes in the walls of the apartment you’re leaving

The moment you leave a house or an apartment that you’ve rented for a while, you need to repair the holes in the walls you’ve done, for hanging mirrors, pictures and paintings. Otherwise, you will pay the expenses to the landlord, or he will charge them from the refundable money for guarantee you made at the beginning. In the case of holes in the walls proceed as follow before painting.

The worst economic local time in Spain is the best for buying a house there

Unfortunately for some people the economic crisis has led them to problems in real estate, especially for those who bought a house, some years ago. Nevertheless, with the continuous falling in prices for new or second hand houses, you just need to decide where to live and buy a place in southern Spain, before they rise a little at the end of the year.

Apartment in Jaen near the University

There are many reasons that would lead you to live in Jaen – Spain. They could be tourism, work or studies. But the time you will spend there don’t justify to buy a house neither to rent a hotel room. You just need to rent a house, flat or apartment in Jaen for those months you will live there.

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