Apartment in Marbella at Costa del Sol

Apartment in Marbella at Costa del Sol

The summer is closer than you can imagine and it’s time to buy a very nice house near the beaches of Costa del Sol in Southern Spain. But this side of Spain is very large then we recommended you Marbella, as your summer vacation city or whenever you want to visit Spain.

The city for your vacation and living place

The name of Marbella recalls to a place with a beautiful sea. And it is what you will see there but more than that. Marbella through the centuries has accumulated architecture and culture as a symbol of its citizens. So you can easy get involved with the monuments in the city as well as get in love with the Mediterranean Sea.

An apartment near the harbor

If you enjoy the nautical life, you ought to search for a house near Puerto Banús in Marbella, where the most luxury yachts visit every day.  There, you have one opportunity to buy an apartment in Nueva Andalusia. A 3 bedrooms apartment of 184 Sq. meters with 2 bathrooms, a big living room, kitchen, laundry room, a terrace with stunning views of the beach, marble floor, parking lot, a big Swimming pool, sports center and air conditioning. This apartment in Marbella is located on the seventh floor of a nice building. You can contact to the real estate company Stand Inmobiliario at the phone number +34 952 828184.

The price for this apartment in Marbella is set in 700.000 €. The advantages of this building are (apart of the view) that it is surrounded of commercial stores, main avenues, a harbor, miles of sand and beaches, for your enjoyment.

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