Apartment near the Seville Airport

Apartment near the Seville Airport

Seville is a wonderful city of Southern Spain when you can visit and stay during next summer or any time you want. But if you spend most of your vacations in this city, instead of renting an expensive hotel room you can find more appropriated to buy an apartment near the Seville Airport (Seville Este). There are many options of an apartment that you can select as the apartment you are dreaming of in Seville. In this case you can trust to Inmobiliaria Osuna in Seville.

Galileo Building in Seville Este

Basically, in Galileo Building located in Seville Este you can find apartments of two, three or four rooms. They can have common places as children playground, garages, store room and gardens. The prices start at 166.346 € plus IVA.

Reinaldo Residential in Seville Este

The view of the Reinaldo Residential looks great and magnificent. Located to few minutes to the Seville airport, you can have a privileged environment. You can enjoy a really good side of Seville with commercial stores, swimming pool, parking, store room and gardens. The apartments are available from two or three rooms. Prices start at 184.000 € plus IVA.

Troya Buiding in Seville Este

Troya Buiding offers you the right solution for your need. They have apartments of one, two, three or four rooms with a place for parking include in the price, which starts at 116.000 € plus IVA. The design of this buiding in Seville Este is modern and functional.

Ulises Building in Seville Este

With apartments of one, two, three and prices which start at 131.00 € plus IVA, Ulises Building is the first of four promotional residents to be build in the same block in Seville Este. All the apartments include a place for parking and access to common places.

These four options can be enough for you to select the apartment you really desire according to your needs and location, near de Seville Airport.

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