Houses in Puerto de Santa María – Cádiz

Houses in Puerto de Santa María – Cádiz

When we are talked about Southern Spain we just think of Malaga and its “Costa del Sol”. But outside this portion of land, there are others attractive cities in the West or East side. Puerto de Santa María is one of the main cities of Cadiz. Puerto de Santa María shares the harbor with other cities and together is the perfect environment for not only vacation but living there.

How is Puerto de Santa María

If you decide to live in Puerto de Santa María, besides your house you have many reasons which attach you to this city. First of all, you have almost 16 km of beaches of white sand, sunny days, pristine waters and Blue Flag.  Between the monuments you can see in Puerto de Santa María are the followings: Old Convent of the Holy Order of Clarisas of Saint Michael, Castle of Saint Marc, Bullring, Churches, archeological sites, Museums, etc. You can also make contact with the world of wine in Puerto de Santa María.

One option of a house

So, to the North of the center of Puerto de Santa María you can find a house on sale. This is a 3 double bedrooms house of 125 Sq. meters with 2 bathrooms, furnished kitchen, garage, storage room, two backyard and air conditioning. The price is set at 165.000 €. The Real Estate Company in Puerto de Santa María who sells this house is “Fersa Inmobiliaria”. You can contact by calling at +34 956852553.

Each corner of southern Spain hides magnificent places full of beaches, monuments, architectural buildings which will enjoy your vacation or living. One option in Cádiz is Puerto de Santa María.

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