How to keep you southern Spain house free of corrosion

Having a Southern Spain house near the beach is a dream come true for everybody who want to live in this part of Spain. You can enjoy the natural landscapes of the beaches of Malaga in Andalusia, for example. But what happen if your windows and doors are made of steel. They got corrosion.

The breeze of the beach

One disadvantage of living near the beach is the presence of corrosion. Every place near a beach has this problem and a Southern Spain house isn’t free of this fact. Corrosion not only attack steel, but also aluminum. So, if your southern Spain house has something of these metal materials, you must be aware for the solution prior to the first signs of corrosion. One more thing about corrosion, the closer your southern Spain house is to the beach the bigger the amount of corrosion your metal furniture can get.

Protecting metallic parts of your southern Spain house

It’s supposed that every metallic part of your southern Spain house has to be painted to protect it appropriately. So, it depends on the way of painting. If you see any corrosion, it’s better to remove old painting and star over. But if not, just keep metallic door, windows or anything else in a painting maintenance. The color of paint will depend on your likes, but white is the most appropriate for a fence, door or windows of steel.

Aluminum of your southern Spain house has the same problem when is closer to the beach. The most visible difference is the color of the corrosion, white in aluminum and red-orange in the steel. You can paint your aluminum to solve the problem and protect your invest.

A southern Spain house can bring you satisfaction and enjoyment during you winter or summer vacations, but keep an eye in the metallic parts, so you can protect them against of corrosion.