Learning some terms for selling or buying a Property

For every field in life there is some vocabulary related to you must be aware at the time to express your ideas and thoughts. This way, when you want to buy or sell a property in Spain or in your country is a must for you to understand some words for measuring your property.

The unit of measure for a property

Nothing is just given for free. Every corner of a property has a value. The unit of measure for this can be Square foot or square meter (equal to 10,76 Sq ft) popularly used in Spain. It is right that you are going sell or buy every thing inside a property that include walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, windows, green areas, etc. But you can’t list every thing and assign a price for them. The easy way to do it is to relate the value of the property with the area of the floor.

What area you are taking about?

However in order to speak the same language for Real Estate you must know the meaning of these three basic terms: Carpet Area, Plinth Area and Super Built-up Area.

  • Carper Area” refers to that area that is usable in a property. In simple words the area inside a property that you can lay a carpet.
  • Plinth Area” includes the Carpet Area and the thickness of both internal and external walls, and columns.
  • Super Built-up Area” includes Plinth Area plus the area of the proportional share of the common areas of the property. It means corridors, staircase, community halls, etc. This size is usually mentioned by the builders.

Then we already know these terms and the units of measures. So when you think to buy or sell any property, you can talk appropriately.

Photo: flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6829354783