Even though we often publish some articles about many properties on sale or rent, you can also make your own searching. For this purposes we recommend you a couple of good places on the web to find a house in Southern Spain.


The website pisos.com is one of the most popular websites where not only Spanish people look for a place to live but also foreign people like you. Even though the content is in Spanish language you can use your browser translator to change it to English. There you start the searching by selecting between: new development, sale or renting. Then select if it is: homes, flat, apartment, garages, bedroom or offices. Finally, select the city you desire to live. For this you can be helped by Google maps, in order to select between the cities from southern Spain.

After running the search, a map is presented to you. Then select the zone you prefer. Finally a list appears with the available options.


Idealista.com is another favorite website for finding a house. One features of this website is that you can select the language. The process for searching is similar to Pisos.com. In the map shown you also are given extra information about the activities developed in the city that you might attracted by.

Then you have two useful tools for star searching for a place to live in not only Southern Spain but all over Spain.