Property housing value in Spain has dropped – Time to buy

In Spain these last four months of 2012 the property housing value in Spain has dropped until reach 12.5 % in comparison of last year 2011. According to these conditions, if you were wondering if buying or not a house in Spain, this is the time to do it.

The economic situation in Spain

First of all we must to analyze this situation before take any decision. One of the questions you can form in your minds is about this tendency for dropping price in Spain. It is not a secret that things around many countries in Europe aren’t running as everybody wish It was. In addition, recently the last April 26th the Standard & Poor lowered its long- and short-term sovereign credit ratings of Spain to BBB+/A-2 from a rating A/A-1. This assigned a negative outlook to many sectors in Spain from the eyes of foreign countries.

Be cautious when searching for a property location

With all these, is it a real time to buy a house or any kind of property in Spain? We said yes, but it also depends of many factors you must take in account. One of these things is the location. It would help at the time you wish to sell your property (just in case). You can choose living near the coastal line of Southern Spain, near the center of the principal cities or near a much more known archeological place. This little detail can bring to your possible property much value than a simple location.

The time for buying property housing in Spain is now, but can also be tomorrow if the tendency continues. Only your real necessity for living in Spain has the last word.