Real Estate in Cartagena

Real Estate in Cartagena

One of the most important things that attract you about a city is the tourism opportunities. Besides the commercial chances you find in Southern Spain, you also have the necessity for a place that fulfills your feelings. Cartagena, a city located in Murcia Region, has, beside its beaches, a lot of historical places and great ways of communication.

Cartagena touristic

Before you decide to live in Cartagena you must consider searching for Real Estate Companies. But along this, it is a must that you also know about the many attractions in Cartagena. First of all, there are the beaches. In the costal line you can find very good reason to live in Cartagena: Cartagena Bay, La Manga of the Small Sea and the East Coastline. Then, you also have urban reasons to stay in Cartagena as: Roman Theater, Consistorial Palace, Cartagena’s History Interpretation Center, etc. But, there is more. In the outside of Cartagena you may find excellent routes to meet and enjoy as you wish.

Where to find a house in Cartagena

As well as important as the entertainment, you must also contact to the different Real Estate Companies in Cartagena. Here there are some of the most important in Cartagena:

  • Urbin Casa, with “More than 40 years building your confidence”, they have the experience for manage the best place of your convenience, in the Coast, the center of Cartagena or surrounding areas.
  • Inter Fincas can locate your dreams in a house, land, department, commercial local, etc. in Murcia and also in Alicante. With them you select a house and they manage it for you.
  • Más Fácil, has the solution for living in Cartagena. Whatever you want is possible, when it is about selling, buying or renting.
  • Inmobiliaria Marín, with 15 years of experience in Cartagena, guaranties you an almost direct negotiation with the seller. That means the lower price possible.
  • Tu Casa Inmobiliarias, with a presence on the Internet since 1995, offers you a lot of options for living in Cartagena and for all kind of budgets.

Here above there are five options of Real Estate Companies that you can contact prior your visit to Cartagena.


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