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Getting a house in Christmas

Finally we reach the last month of the year 2011. And an analysis of the cost of housing in Spain tells us that getting a house in Christmas is the best thing you can do at the moment. But you can also wait a little more because the price of housing is falling due to poor demand.

Euribor falls and the mortgages too

Having a house is not as simple as to buy a fruit in the supermarket. The price you get established to pay one day may raise the next and so on. But, it also happens the opposite way in favor of buyers. Let’s know about the Euribor and how it influences in the mortgages of a house.

Snowshoeing Holidays in Spain’s Sierra Nevada Mountains

•  4th to 11th March •  11th to 18th March Cost £669* full board, at Hotel España, Lanjaron.

High Mountain Walking Holiday in Spain’s Sierra Nevada

A full board guided walking holiday for £665 •  3rd to 10th July 2011 •  25th July to 1st August •  10th to 17th September •  21st to 28th September A week spent walking through the high places of the spectacular  Sierra Nevada mountain range. Highlights include an ascent of Mulhacen, mainland Spain’s highest peak at 3474m, the beautiful rio Lanjaron and the intimate gem of Trevenque.

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