Unfortunately for some people the economic crisis has led them to problems in real estate, especially for those who bought a house some years ago. Nevertheless, with the continuous falling in prices for new or second hand houses, you just need to decide where to live and buy a place in southern Spain, before they rise a little at the end of the year.

Southern Spain Houses

We promote this area in Spain due to its weather conditions, natural attractions in the coastal as in the rural zones. The most chosen ones are those located near the beaches. Even though the price haven´t fallen as desirably as you wish, you can find true bargains in the most beautiful places you can image. You can combine work with tourism, because of the rich Spanish history. This way Malaga is the best candidate if you have the chance to work there, as well as Cadiz for its proximity to Gibraltar.

Renting or buying a house in Spain

To be honest the best way to live without worrying for the uncertain future is renting a house. You must find always an all furnished one, so that you just pay for it and then live for the time you desire. You can do this not only in the same place and for every season, because you can move to another area, province, town or locality without the expenses of carrying all the own goods.

On the other hand if you have really found the place of your dreams, buy it. But take into account paying enough at the beginning to avoid the uncomfortable changes in the economy.