Tourist reasons to buy a property in Nerja

Touristic reasons to buy a property in Nerja - Cave of Nerja

Andalusia is a province in Southern Spain with very interesting cities like Nerja. Every visitor returns with a pleasant vision of this city. And though they find a suitable environment to live because of the beaches there are more tourist reasons to take into account.

The beaches of Nerja

First of all, there are 10 beaches from which you probably have known just a few of them. They are called from West to East: Playazo, Chucho, Torrecilla, Salón, Caletilla, Calahonda, Chorrillo, Carabeo, Carabeillo and Burriana. From them, our recommendation is the last, Burriana Beach. You can practice many aquatic sports in a beautiful environment with hills, cliffs and the “Q” of Tourist Quality.

Natural sites

Another reason to buy a property in Nerja is the Cave of Nerja discovered in 1959 and, called as The Natural Cathedral of Costa del Sol. It is located at 200 meters above sea; the cave has 140.000 Sq meters with many rooms and a big column of 60 meters high and 18 meters of diameter. But there are more columns, rooms, rock paintings and showrooms of archeological pieces found there.

You can also start many hiking trails, so you can keep in shape and know the different routes called: To the dam, To the Esparto Fountain, To Navachica via the Hunter’s Ravine, To the Cuesta del Cielo and to the Castillejos Rock.

Frigiliana Town

Sometimes you can find your way visiting the Frigiliana town. Located to 15 minutes from Nerja and 300 meters above sea, it’s the most Arabian town of the province of Andalusia. There you can experiment a micro weather sub tropical. Inside the Frigiliana town you can find monuments as the factory of honey of sugar cane, the old fountain, the hermitage of Ecce Homo and the Torreón.

Other main sights you can frequently visit in Nerja are the Aqueduct built in 19th century, Church of Salvador (17th century), the baroque Hermitage of Las Angustias (built in 17th century) and the Balcony of Europe.

Nerja is a pleasant place to live at any time you wish. Now, you have more reasons to buy a property in Nerja.

Foto: (Cave of Nerja)
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