Water leaks in your new home

Maybe you can have some time living in Andalusia and everything goes smoothly. But problems occur when you least think, especially in the fall or winter when the rain returns to test the ability of the structures of the house. If there is a water leak through the roof of your new house, know how to fix it.

Climate of Andalusia

Andalusia has a Mediterranean climate for excellence. This means for the coast to enjoy good sunshine during the year. But this weather is no stranger to the rain especially in areas of western Andalusia. If you have purchased a nearby house, be prepared for times of rain.

Overhaul and repair of the roof

You must first start with an inspection of the inner roof of the house. You may suspect a problem if you see an irregularity in the paint, cracks (even if these are very small), if there is peeling paint or if you see a strange spot on the painting. These are all signs that something is not right. Then check up on the roof and check the zones corresponding to the faults found first. You can find cracks or deterioration in waterproof paint.

To resolve you should contact the owner of the rental or real estate agent to solve the problem before the rainy season. If you already owns, the faster to do is apply a good coat of waterproofing on the suspect surface, previously cleaned. It is preferable to perform this work on sunny days to ensure perfect drying.

Making these repairs to any possible water leak in the roof of your new house in Southern Spain, you will avoid unpleasant experiences in the rainy season.

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