This last cold snap has frozen most Europe with temperatures close to – 40 º C. In Spain the weather is kind of similar except for southern Spain provinces in Andalusia. Southern Spain houses are the best places for avoiding this climatic phenomenon.

Advantages of choosing southern Spain houses

First of all, the weather is an ally for all southern Spain houses. Many problems you may have while choosing a place to live has something to do with the weather mainly. In fact between Andalusia you can select a place focusing in other details apart of weather, as services, the neighborhood, size and kind of property. But southern Spain houses are in urban and rural areas. Both have nice weather conditions but with different landscapes to admire everyday.

The most convenient cities for living

By this time of weather changes and surprises as the cold snap, if you haven´t bought a house still, you can easily find the right place between all southern Spain houses on sale. We recommend you starting your research in Malaga, capital of Andalusia. In fact, it is the city with a good temperature rate and touristic places to meet and enjoy. Then you can think of Marbella or better Manilva (which has the best temperature rate of Costa del Sol). Also you can search in Motril (Granada), and Adra, El Ejido, Almeria and Huécar-Overa in Almeria.

With a southern Spain house as your property, you can move and live there even with extreme weather conditions as this cold snap.

Photo : DPA