“Horizonte” Building in Adra – Almería


Living near the sea and with a benevolent climate is easier from Adra, a town in the province of Almeria. In the promenade area of Adra, the “Group Adra” has built  the Horizonte building in which you and your family can live comfortably and enjoy the benefits of the beach.

Horizonte Building

This is a multifamily building of 27 houses, 2 and 3 bedrooms. Where the home you choose, you can use as a permanent residence or holiday home.

Also you can rent to own. In which you can live from day one without paying a large sum of money at the start, money that you can use to furnish the house. You can live for three years and if you decide to buy the house, the money paid to date will be considered as part of the total price.

Nearby attractions

Very close to this building you will find the Tower of the pellets, which is the symbol of Adra. At the foot of the tower there is a gazebo, where you can get great views of the harbor and the coast.

Near the area, you can find the football stadium “Miramar”, the municipal sports hall and indoor pool Adra, where you can exercise daily. In this area there are nearby schools, health centers and supermarket. In addition, the strategic location of this building and climate enable you to enjoy the Poniente beach in Adra or you may enjoy the nearby beaches with quality certification “Q” as the beach of San Nicolas, Sirena Loca and the Census. You can also stroll around the Seaport, which also has Quality Certification “Q”.

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