One hopeful thing for living in most cities of southern Spain is that winters are not as cold as you can expect. But in the rural zones this reality could be different from the coastal houses. Then you must be prepared for keep your rural house as warm as possible during winter season in Southern Spain. Let’s check your chances.

Rural houses in winter seasons

A rural house in southern Spain allows you to get in touch with nature. The summer season in wonderful and the winter season is also wonderful if you keep your house warmed without spending too much in heating. For this you may only check windows and doors in order to find air leaks. But they aren’t the major source of wasted energy. You must also concentrate in the attic and basement. More over if your house is of wood.

You can heat your home by several ways but if there are leaks, you will have to spend too much money for keeping it warm. Instead, you can get your attic and basement ready for the winter by two forms: By sealing the air leaks and adding enough insulation.

Dealing with the problem

Get a contractor to check and fix the possible common air leaks. The most common are the followings:

  • Attic hatch.
  • Behind knee walls.
  • Plumbing vent.
  • Wiring holes.
  • Recessed light.
  • Basement rim joists.
  • Furnace flue.
  • Windows and doors.

After fixing everything you can heat your house without wasting your money and more important, you can enjoy the winter season in Southern Spain peacefully.