3 Bedroom flat in Salobreña – Granada

Salobreña is a coastal city that is much known for its cluster of whitewashed houses and narrow streets that came from Moorish times. If you find in Salobreña the place to live there are many houses and flats for sale as the one we will show you in this opportunity.

The history next to the Mediterranean Sea

In the 8th Century the Moorish settled in the actual Salobreña. By the 10 century they built the Moorish castle that you can visit from 10:30 to 19:00. Also you can visit the Church Mudejar del Rosario, the Brocal Tower, Paseo de las Flores, the viewpoints of Postigo and Albaycín.

Flat in Salobreña

Very close to the beach La Guardia you can find a flat that you can buy at only 160.000 €. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in a total area of 100 Sq meters. It has a kitchen; living room and terrace, all of these are well distributed. The building has elevator and a terrace up there. The location is between road N-340 and the beach, exactly in Manuel de Falla Street.

You can contact the advisor “Inmobiliaria Gestión” by calling at +34 958828333 or sending a Fax to +34958828049.

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