We are in the middle of the summer but still there are too much to enjoy: beaches, turistic places to visit, gastronomy and nightlife. So you don’t have to buy a house for just a few months. What you need is a place for rent. Where? We suggest you, Costa Granadinas.

Overview of the place

Near the beach in the town of Castell de Ferro, the life is full of entertainment. Called as the most beatiful town of Costa Granadina, Castell de Ferro has many ancient ruins to visit as its castle and 4 towers from the arabic domain, the church of San Miguel and the mayor attraction of the summer, Del Soltillo beach (or Castell de Ferro beach).

Where to stay

You can go to a hotel but if you desire to save money, you can rent an apartment near the beach, moreover if you are many (the complete family or friends). An apartment of three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in an area of 109 m2, is you best choice. It also has 2 terraces and one kitchen. It shares a swimming pool but has a private garage. Inside, the apartment is full furnished, wooden pine carpentry, and two of three bedrooms have fitted wardrobes.

The rent for this apartement is 450 € per month. You can contact to Moda Urbana to get more information.