Chalet in Murcia – Spain

According to BBC news, Spain is eager to received visitors to invest in real estate. You can feel confident to buy a house all over Spain, especially in the Southern that is our purpose on the web. This time we’ll show you Murcia.

Murcia founded by the Moors en 825 Ad is the seventh largest city in Spain. It has many places to visit including the Cathedral of Murcia and a number of baroque buildings and contemporaneous as museums, theatres, cinemas, aquariums, restaurants, etc.

It’s a great place to live because of the weather with almost 300 days of sun per year. You can find in the center of Murcia many places for you to live.

This time we have for you a chalet of 3552 Sq Ft in Murcia. It has 3 double bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It´s total price is 355000 EUR. This chalet built in 2004 includes kitchen, dining room, terrace, swimming pool, and storage room; furnishings, reinforced door, air conditioner, heater, double sheet windows, water and electrical services. Outside, it has a garden, exterior carpentry. This property is located in an urbanized area, with fully paved runways. Around it, the neighborhood has many schools for your children to study; medical center to go when is necessary and a supermarket that is open from 9:15 to 21:15.

If you are interesting in buying a house don’t wait too much and go to the southern of Spain, in Murcia.


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