Cheap houses in Granada

Cheap houses in Granada

Granada is a great city located in Andalusia in southern Spain. Historically, Granada has been a central place for great kingdoms in the last centuries of middle age. Now the main monuments, the culture and a high level of the many towns there, offer you the perfect place to live.

House in the center of Granada

Our first option for a house in Granada is a terrific property located in the center of Granada. It’s about a 3 bedrooms house of 200 Sq meters with 3 bathrooms, kitchen, garage, heating, air conditioning; reinforce door, doubled glass windows and a beautiful living room. The price for this house is set in 255.000 €. Then you can contact to “Inmobiliaria ÁQABA” at +34958911113.

Apartment in Ronda

Our second option for cheap houses is an apartment located in the zone called Ronda in Granada. This apartment is in the fourth story of a building. Inside you can find 3 bedrooms, one bathrooms and a big kitchen (furnished). The building has an elevator and it is near to the metro of Granada. The price of this apartment is set at 138.000 €. The advertiser is “Inmobiliaria Triunfo”, which you can contact at +34 656952586.

With a house in Granada you can have the permanent access to the greatest monuments of the city for a cheap price.

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