Cities of Andalusia – Gualchos

Cities of Andalusia – Gualchos

When visiting Southern Spain you can select many cities to make good tourism in Andalusia. One of them is Gualchos. Located to the west of Malaga, Gualchos has some important centers to enjoy. The most important is Castell de Ferro, where also you can find a place for living. Let’s know a little a bout Gualchos.

Main sites of Gualchos

Gualchos offers to your eyes the following main sites.

  • The Church of San Miguel built in 1502.
  • The Source Mine with its eleven pipes.
  • Tower of Rijana from the sixteenth century.
  • Gualchos Square’s fountain.
  • Council of Gualchos.
  • The Castle of Castell de Ferro from roman times.
  • Tower of Estancia which serves as a lighthouse.
  • Tower of Zambullón.
  • Tower of Cambrilles.

The Yuca buiding, your place for living in Gualchos

The center of interest of Gualchos is Castell de Ferro, where you can find a place for living in the Yuca building, very close to the Castle. There you can find apartments of two or three bedrooms with parking lot, storage room and the perfect environment for enjoy the beach and the main sites of Gualchos. You can contact by calling Real Estate Torre de la Estancia at +34 677 012 394.

Then, you have another reason to visit Southern Spain, Gualchos. You can find a place to live in Castell de Ferro, enjoy the weather, the main sites and the Mediterranean beaches.

Photo: Yuca Building in Castell de Ferro
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