Houses in Palma of Majorca Island

Houses in Palma of Majorca Island

The Majorca Island has been for centuries a favorite place for merchants and every kind of people who find in its location more than simple reason to live there. You can also find yours for through a house or any kind of living in order to vacation, live o start a business.

If we want a much communicated zone in Palma we must choose the one located near the harbor. One thing in our favor is the lower prices of some houses, in comparison of Madrid or the main cities of Southern Spain. The harbor is a great place for start your adventures in Majorca.

Option of an Apartment in Majorca

Our first option comes with an apartment in the center of Palma de Majorca (close to the harbor). With 120 Sq. m., this apartment has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an equipped kitchen, living room and two terraces. It located in the fifth floor, and you can access by elevator. It has heater and air conditioning. The price is set in 131.250 €. You can contact to “Best House” at +34 681149558.

Option of a house in Majorca

Your second option comes with a house of 85 Sq m. It has 200 Sq. m of yard, parking and gardens. Inside this house, there are two double bedrooms, one completed bathroom, living room with fire place, a kitchen and laundry place. With that plenty space you also have the possibility to build more bedrooms. The price of this house is 220.000 €. It is located in La Seu, Monti-sion zone near the harbor of Palma. You can contact to at +34 971220055.

These options in Majorca Island are such an opportunity you can’t miss, if you think to live there or just have vacations for long periods of time.

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