Southern Spain house warm in this winter

Southern Spain House - fixing air leaks

Winter is a season that for a Southern Spain house doesn’t represent a significant problem. But with the help of the cold snap in Europe you probably will have a bit of trouble in the afternoons and nights. But with a little effort you can keep your southern Spain house warm, saving gas and feeling comfortable.

Winter season and isolation

In other cities of Spain (like Barcelona) many houses have suffered a lack of gas due to third party causes but if they would have cared enough about isolation, they could have passed those days using electrical heaters or wood fireplace with a little cost. The key of isolation for your southern Spain house is, not to let the heat escape from the house. Other way you can have certain cold areas in your house or not enough warm as you desire.

Seal the leak

If you can realize in your southern Spain house there are air leaks everywhere, in the windows, doors, vents, etc. Through them hot air can escape to the cold outside. The idea is to seal them. For this, you have many options, from the cheaper to the more expensive alternatives. As this winter is unusual, you can choose the cheaper one option. Plastic tape, silicone and cardboard can help to seal every single leak you have in your house. As the winter temperature in a Southern Spain house is not too critical, forget about the attic, unless it really needs isolation.

With every air leak sealed in your southern Spain House this winter will be more comfortable. Besides, your electrical or gas bill will decrease some euros this month.


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