Hundidero-Cath System


For those who wish in their weekend both relax and enjoy the natualeza as practicing climbing up the maximum levels, go impressive hiking trails and even cross the biggest cave in Andalusia; Hundidero-Cath System, located at near Round (Cadiz), offers all these possibilities.
You can climb walls of tens of meters, and seek the most appropriate route to your level, or go hiking routes marked on the sidewalks printed on the landscape. But most impressive is the vast cave that opens macropeñon passage through the limestone, communicating with the outside world by two giant caves of over 50 m in some points, you trap with his charm supernatural.
The dam that we see in the previous picture was built in order to contain more water underground river of Andalusia, but never arrived at work, since these mountains contain countless cracks and pores, which leaked water, leaving it unusable.
To make the journey with full internal, it is essential to have a guide because of the sometimes dangerous nature of the interior. In the surrounding villages (Round, Montejaque, Benaojan, Atajate or Zahara de la Sierra, for example) can recruit these and many other services as well as renting the equipment needed for the “adventure”.
But if you are not a lover of risk, at least it is imperative to arrive at the caves of Hundidero and Cat, by hiking trails that exist in the place, which are properly equipped and ready for use, and admire the magestuosidad of its construction and dimensions, as well as the beauty of their surroundings, the freshness and wrapped their walls, erosion of its capricious stones, etc.., and even enjoy a swim in the crystalline waters of the river.
In the villages nearby, we can find a dozen campsites, several shelters, cottages, inns and hotels, where you can spend the night. Again, these people can visit ruins of ancient civilizations, gorges and reliefs of horror, monuments and museums; enjoy their food so peculiar, and a multitude of possibilities that offer so-called “White People” of the Sierra de Grazalema, as well as across the Serrania de Ronda.
It may be a good destination to spend Easter, or disconnecting the world admire the tradition of the place and for any weekend, offers economic aprobechando low season, if money is your problem.
The Hundidero-Cath System is one of the places you must visit some time in their lives, and that certainly wish to go back to enjoy a little time. Paraiso de la climbing, hiking, adventure, relaxation, and so on.; Romantic moments to live with your partner or fun with friends and family, but especially, you’ll find an unforgettable experience.

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