Paradise Interior: Grazalema


The Sierra de Grazalema, Biosphere Reserve under UNESCO, encloses a landscape of broad contrasts, in which we find a capricious relief boulders eroded by the passage of time, valleys and canyons, caves and grottoes; upholstery by dense vegetation basically Mediterranean some ninety different species, and most characteristic of a variant of forest fir only find in this mountain range, Spanish firs.
Because it is the area of the peninsula with highest rate of annual rainfall, we can find a wealth of rivers and streams scattered throughout the mountains, and escorted by huge cottonwoods, elms and willows.
We can also find the largest colony of griffon vultures of Europe, among other species carrion, majestic raptor and the great diversity of birds on the Serrania de Ronda.
It is imperative to visit in our journey through the Sierra de Grazalema the Botanical Garden “The Forest”, where we will find all species that make up the flora of the area as well as the “Green Throat” (vertical cliffs up to 400 m), ” Cueva de la Pileta “(globally considered by the archeological remains of prehistory that contains), or” Complex Hundidero – Gato “(the cave Andalusian larger).
Its thirteen people hold cultures, customs and traditions almost intact from its origins border between Catholics and Muslims, as well as full integration into the landscape. Among these traditions highlighted his outstanding cuisine CHACIN, cheese, sweet and varied wort; their fairs and festivals, and the most entrenched of all, the battle between “Moors and Christians” Benamahoma, which allude to the struggles that originated the current villages (s.XIII and XIV). Without doubt handmade clothing in Grazalema wool and leather, jewelry, production of tiles Arabs, honey, esparto articles, etc.. Well as the bagpipes gastoreñas, crafts typical of the place. We also find pockets of the Roman Empire, as the cities of Acinipio and occurs, significantly increasing its attractions.
In these villages to find our getaway shocking trekking routes, or if you prefer, riding a horse; visits to archaeological sites, including the ruins of “Ancinipio” and the “Cueva de la Pileta”; attend the great number of museums, monuments and varied exhibitions in the area (Lara Museum, Museum of Bandolero, Palacio de Mondragon, Alameda del pit, Arab baths, the Wine Museum, and a largísimo etc.), or guided tours to visit landmarks and picturesque of the Ronda, among many other activities for all tastes. We must not forget that a few kilometres we will find the Natural Park “Sierra de las Nieves” and the Natural Park “Los Alcornocales” equivalent of tourist interest.
We have to accommodate a wide range of options, from luxury hotels and cozy cottages to mansions fully upgraded, shelters and campsites in the countryside.
The Natural Park “Sierra de Grazalema,” in the Ronda (Cadiz), is undoubtedly one of the best places in Andalusia for a weekend unforgettable, surely you’ll want to repeat. Here’s what imperative for a romantic getaway, relaxing, charming … and if you plan well, you’ll find good financial offers.

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