The moment you leave a house or an apartment that you’ve rented for a while, you need to repair the holes in the walls you’ve done, for hanging mirrors, pictures and paintings. Otherwise, you will pay the expenses to the landlord, or he will charge them from the refundable money for guarantee you made at the beginning. In the case of holes in the walls proceed as follow before painting.

Basic tools you will need

You just need a few tools and products for repairing the small and larger holes you’ve done while living there:

  • Putty knife
  • Joint compound
  • Mesh joint tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Small can of prime
  • Brush

Repairing small holes

Those holes made from little picture hanging nails are repaired easily. First remove any high spot, loose paint and rough edges with sandpaper. Then make the repair putting a small amount of joint compound to the tip of the putty knife and force compound into the holes. Let it dry. Now make the sanding with sandpaper involved in a flat edge with circular moving on the compound.

Repairing larger holes

Sometimes you have left some large holes that got hide with the picture you hang, but it’s time for repair. First remove any debris from the hole. Then, remove any high spots and rough edges with sandpaper. To cover the hole, use the mesh joint tape. Don’t forget to let 2 inches wider than the hole and make an “X” with two pieces of tape. Now you can apply the joint compound and let dry. Make the Sanding with the flat edge and sand paper, until the surface is smooth.

Finally you need to remove the dust with a sponge. After that, apply primer into the repaired areas with the brush.

Now you can paint the walls before leaving the apartment or house that you rented.