The Costa del Sol and its coastline


The Costa del Sol has a coastline covering some 161 kilometres corresponding to the province of Malaga. It is protected from winds North by a mountain range that in some areas deciende until the same sea. This coastline is protected a succession of extensive beaches, coves semiocultas between cliffs, marinas and shelters for fishing.
It has a temperate climate, little rain and a sea breeze, that make this place is given in the semitropical vegetation growing up without difficulty palms, cypresses, bougainvilleas, hibiscus and adelfas. One of the biggest attractions of this coastline is in its proximity to various natural settings (the mountains, sea, valleys covered with orchards), which gives one of the greatest attractions of the landscape and the Mediterranean culture. At present, the rural villages with air se han ido adding gradually Suburbia, marinas, golf courses, halls and festivals in general a group of entertainment centres which coexist perfectly with the everyday environment and peaceful atmosphere surrounding the urban centers magnificently preserved.
Apart from the summer of beach, from which visitors can enjoy in this corner of the Mediterranean, there is also the possibility, without having to travel too, come into contact with the most genuine of the Andalusian culture. In addition to folk festivals and demonstrations being offered in the tourist resorts, it is possible to reach the most intimate and live the celebrations and popular traditions. The festivities, Semana Santa, bullfights and concerts singing are highly recommended for travelers who are looking for something more when they travel to Spain.
The tasting of “fried fish” and wine in ancient land and cherished wineries, alongside the traditional Andalusian cuisine, will make the traveler can not stop tempted to try such exquisite pleasures.

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