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One of the attractions of which Andalusia is one of the principal points of attraction for visitors of the whole world they are his three thousand hours of the Sun which he enjoys all the year round. But this important gift that the nature has donated to the Andalusian lands is only one more detail of the multiple excellences that wait for the traveler who decides to realize an elopement of weekend to someone of the provinces that compose it. From Andalusia it is necessary to distinguish also his beautiful and golden beaches, his extensive and elegant coasts, the variety of his landscapes, his agreeable (Mediterranean) climate and especially the opened and hospitable character of his(her,your) people, who always receives the visitor and offers him the better thing which he has.


Eight provinces form Andalusia: Almeria, Granada, Cadiz, Cordova, Jaen, Huelva, Malaga and Seville. The latter is the capital of the Autonomous Community and relies on a population that it approaches the million inhabitants. In general, Andalusia is the second autonomous community of Spain as for surface refers and in addition it is the one that possesses a major number of inhabitants.

The tourist infrastructure of Andalusia is very complete and is an autonomous community very prepared to receive all the travelers who want to know his people, his culture and his customs. His hotel offer is impressive and of great quality, as what we will have occasion to choose among a varied range of possibilities and destinations, so that really we could obtain a few cheap and attainable prices and that ours trip is really a cheap elopement and totally at a height(the level) of our pocket. Because in Andalusia it is easy to choose and to adapt to situations from the most economic thing up to the most luxurious and sometimes prohibitive thing.

In general, the tourist offer of Andalusia is very extensive and completes, being able to approach practically desert zones or enjoy skiing in the snow, and everything inside the same Andalusian community. This beautiful climatic contrast will be something that iremos discovering along our elopement for these lands. In our itinerary we will have occasion to choose between  the high mountain to golden and beautiful beaches, between skiing to the Sun of Sierra Nevada to doing a tour for the white villages and realizing rural tourism and ecotourism, practising the surf in Tarifa (Cadiz) or to take delight of an item of golf in someone of his excellent tracks, to practise parapente or to reinforce our legs realizing some equestrian route.

In Andalusia we can move by car, bus, train, boat or airplane. Come and use the latter mode of transportation, it is good to know that this community has five international airports located throughout its geography and maintaining a daily service between these lands and the rest of Spain, in addition to major European cities . It also has businesses in taxis, a general service airport in the city of Cordova. Furthermore, although in the vicinity of the autonomous region, there are the airports of Faro and Gibraltar, where visitors can travel in a short space of time to Andalusia.

The means of public transport and private Andalusia (buses, trains, buses, underground trains, boats, taxis and trams) are very well structured and are quite effective for short and long distances, pudiéndonos significant savings if we use instead of move our car, with a consequent cost of gasoline we would. The use of public transport in Andalusia contribute positively to your trip to Andalusia at the end is a cheap and sensational escape.
Although later we will talk in detail about each province of Andalusia, I leave with you some general points of the highlights of each. In principle, the other information you need so you can get at the tourist offices in each city in particular. Therefore, if we buy a house in Andalusia, the first thing you must do is discover this region and enjoy all its restaurants and its sun, and then finally decided to stay in this great land

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