When deciding to rent your property

Once again we must face the weather troubled of leaving our property in Southern Spain. So the idea of renting sounds no bad. But there is still a problem, when deciding to rent your property, of looking someone to rent it and how to watch the conditions established in the lease contract.

Principal worries when renting

First of all we are talking about your property and you want to find the right person to live in it. Our fears when renting include:

  • Have a tenant that damages your property.
  • Have a tenant who stops paying or when you have to look at them often to get the rent paid.
  • To ignore your rights and obligations between you and your tenant.
  • To know how to attend your tenant demands and make a difference between what you are required accepting and what not.

Beside the Spanish government

There are many ways to solve the problem of renting your property to the right person. There are many real estate companies in Spain which will make the tough work for you. But there is also a practical solution: to be next to the Spanish government through the Public Society of Renting which works with the Ministry of Development of Spain.

The benefits are substantial. They will work in your representation in front of the tenant and most of the situations that can show up according to the law.

Then, you have one more solution to solve the problem of renting your property if you don´t want to leave it uninhabited but instead leave it with the right person chose by the Public Society of Renting.

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