Apartment in the center of Motril

Sometimes the opportunity comes in the form of living in the southern of Spain surrounded with history, monuments, beaches and a nice weather. One option is an apartment in the center of Motril. Then you must quickly decide to buy a place to live, more over if the price is a bargain.

Why to live in Motril

One particular reason for live in Motril is its weather almost tropical, so you can find some fruit that grow in the Caribbean as mango and avocado, so it’s like to be in the Caribbean also. Motril is a city with monuments that you will never get tired to visit. Some of them are related to the industry of sugarcane. There are religious monuments, civil buildings, museums, parks and natural spaces. But most important for the enjoyment in sunny days are its beaches of Poniente, Granada, Torrenueva, Joya, Carchuna and Calahonda.

Bargain in Motril

Located in the center of Motril (Santísimo Street), it’s about a 4 bedroom apartment with one bathroom, kitchen and living room. The apartment is on the second floor of a building of 20 years of antiquity. The total area is 100 Sq meter. It has reinforced door, double glazed windows and it is furnished. You can enjoy the view from the balcony.

The price is set in 110.000 €. Then you can contact the advertiser Infocasa Motril by calling at +34958600989.

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