Geography of Andalucia

Geography, topography and urban and rural communities of Andalusia are largely responsible for having all sorts of possibilities for all tastes, requirements and budgets, and that from the coast, walking the beach, to the Peak Mulhacen in the Sierra Nevada, Andalusia rose by a spectacular mountains, valleys, forests, meadows, pastures, and a long list of cheap options and destinations for trips to Andalusia.


(Photo: Sierra Nevada)

Systems Betic mountain are the most important and impressive of Andalusia and the Iberian Peninsula, for its size, height, and ecological value. Within the Betic systems we found very interesting and attractive sites for eco-tourism trips as the magnificent Sierra de Cazorla, Sierra del Segura and the impressive Sierra de Sagra (in the Cordillera Subbética) and on the other hand, the wonderful and magical Sierra Nevada, with the highest peak on the Iberian Peninsula, the Mulhacen (3,481 meters) and one of the highest, Veleta (3,392 m high), so we can imagine the magnitude and beauty of the Cordillera Penibética. And north of Andalusia, we find another of the wonders of the Community and the Iberian Peninsula, Sierra Morena. The Sierra Morena deliciosa is composed of medium mountains, beautiful valleys and gentle meadows, we offer exciting and beautiful destinations such as the Sierra de Aracena, Huelva, Sierra de los Santos, Cordoba, Sierra de Andújar in Jaen, Despeñaperros and stunning, with walls and cuts vertigo perfect for active tourism and ecotourism in Andalusia.

Among these hills, mountains, valleys and other wonders of Andalusia are a myriad of rivers and springs aroyos we create different environments with a lot of charm and perfect destinations for cheap getaways. Andalusia is irrigated by major rivers such as the Guadalquivir, the Guadiana and the Guadalhorce, but has many more rivers and tributaries are perfect for your weekend or holiday, as the fantastic Guadiamar, the Guadiana Menor, the lovely Wood River, the burning, the major Rio Odiel and Rio Tinto curiosísimo, which takes its name from its waters stained red by the abundant iron drags its way through Huelva; River Guadiato, the Rambla Nogalte, fabloso the river and its surrounding steep Despeñaperros throat and desfiladros the Jándula, Cambil River and all tributaries of the Guadalquivir, and the Guadalbullón Guadal, rpecioso the Viar river, and many other rivers and tributaries, leaving in its wake a lot of places with charm and very interesting weekend trips and ecotourism in Andalusia.

Moreover, the provinces of Huelva, Cadiz, Malaga, Granada and Almeria are bathed by the warm Mediterranean waters and the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, offering a coastline with a lot of places and destinations for your perfect getaway, divided by stunning coast of Almeria, Costa Tropical de Granada and the famous Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz.

The Atlantic coast, which bathes the provinces of Huelva and Cadiz, is expanding from the border of Portugal and the mouth of the Guadiana to the Straits of Gibraltar, where we see a narrow strip of water that at first glance may seem to have a swim, separating two continents and faces two impressive mountain ranges. The beaches and coves of the Atlantic Coast of Andalusia are generally low, with fine sand and beautiful dunes, which could highlight its tourism by the beaches of Isla Cristina, and Mazaón Matalascañas inthe Costa de Huelva, or Chipiona Valdelagrana and along the Atlantic coast of Cadiz.

From the Strait of Gibraltar, is expanding the Mediterranean coast of Andalusia to the border with Murcia, bathes the coasts of Almería, Granada, Malaga and Cadiz East. Found on the Mediterranean coast known as Costa del Sol, Costa Tropical and Costa de Almeria, which offer higher beaches and coves with towering cliffs that occur when Penibética face with the Mediterranean Sea, with a highly developed tourism and multitudinous in some areas, quiet areas for family getaways, and wilderness areas and natural charm especially perfect for ecotourism coast.

There are codes and tricks for cheap trips in Andalusia very important if we want a weekend or holiday on the Costa economic and tourism in rural Andalusia. Something very important is to book accommodation in advance looking for cheap hotel deals, cottages, apartments, hostels and other accommodations, as this can save a lot of money on our trip. It is also important to book flights in advance if we travel to Andalusia by air, as they find cheaper prices and offers of cheap flights. When it comes to deciding where to stay, keep in mind that the tourist areas offering cheaper prices and also we can immerse ourselves in the charm of the place, not in residential areas and hotel complexes appear here and in Beijing ” . Or the same with the food, because we can enjoy the best dishes and delicacies of the place in bars, taverns and restaurants of the site with prices cheaper than the tourist restaurants. For ecotourism trips in Andalusia and cheaper for rural tourism asset, it is important to make backups of multi-activities and we will make in advance for better prices and above all, to levarnos not a disappointment if we get to the associations tourism activities and businesses to complete, as in Andalusia, ecotourism and adventure and leisure activities are increasingly customers.

Here are some basic tips for cheap trips in Andalusia, you will be useful regardless of the destination you choose for your weekend by Andalusia and its endless wonders.

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