House in Fuente Obejuna – Cordoba

If you’re a lover of Spanish literature, you will easily remember Lope de Vega, the famous writer in the golden era of Spain. You can get connected to one of his plays, “Fuente Ovejuna” by living there in Fuente Obejuna. Located in the province of Cordova – Andalusia, it’s the best place for reading this play and many other plays of him.

Fuente Obejuna for reading and explore

Everything is possible to get the right environment for reading. But you can also explore the town by applying to many route organized for the municipality. In your case it would advisable to rent a place to live in Fuente Obejuna to visit the Parish Church our Lady of the Castle, the Convent of the Franciscan Fathers, The hermitage of our Father Jesus of Nazareth, the hermitage of Charity, the Shrine of our Lady of Grace, the Modernist Palace and many Stately Homes. Then if you like the place, you can buy a house to stay there.

Your new house in Fuente Obejuna

It’s about a 3 bedroom furnished house with one kitchen, living room with fire place, own garden and yard. Built in a area of 140 sq meters, it has tall roof and solar energy electricity. The external aluminum carpentry and the details inside give it the appearance of a rural house.

The price for this great offer of a house is 126.000 € you can contact the advertiser Angela by calling at +34687785261.

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