Houses for sale in Osuna – Seville

The municipality of Osuna is located in the east of Seville. There, you will find a city with plenty of historical and natural sites for your enjoyment. You will also find many houses for sale in the case you’d have found in Osuma the ideal place for vacation or living.

Get to know Osuna

Osuna is one of the few cities where the main monuments and old houses are kept stand up. This is because, in last middle century, people prefer to leave instead of build factories. Then, the economy relied on agricultural activities. So, most of the beauty of the city is still intact. You won’t get tired of visiting the University (century XVI), near of 16 churches, 4 museums and many civil buildings.

Options for living in Osuna

Then, you are presented three options for living in Osuna, from less to more expensive.

  • 3 bedroom one-familiar house of 98 m2. It has one bathroom, kitchen, backyard and two storage rooms. With more than 30 years, it could need some improvements. It is located in Santo Domingo de Guzman neighborhood. Price: 58.000 €. Make contact to “Servicios Inmobiliarios 525” at +34954272300.
  • 3 bedroom apartment of 170 m2. It counts with 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, terrace, own garden, reinforced door and is furnished. You can have electrical, water and gas services. This apartment is sold on 100.000 €.  For more information contact to Supermoradita81 at +34600650459.
  • 7 bedroom chalet of 434 m2. It has two floors with one bathroom and one kitchen each. It has garage, backyard and it’s well illuminated. Price: 230.000 €. Contact with Banesto real estate at +34902510098.

As you will see the properties in Osuna are very cheap if you compare between other cities in Southern Spain.

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