How to secure your house while you’re not in Spain

When the weather turns colder in Southern Spain it’s time to return to your country until next summer season comes. But while you are not in Spain you must be assure your property will be safe and free of trouble during the winter. Here there are some advises.

Pay attention to doors and windows

If you leave your house unsecure, thieves can consider this as an invitation to empty your all house easily. Then you can start by changing the locks of the doors for some ones stronger and more secure, but you also can add instead of changing. If you door is wooden material, change the one inch standard screws to 3 inches long. It can bore a thief to break down your doors.

Now, check you windows. If you have the sliding types, these can be easily removed out of their frames from the outside. To avoid this, drive a screw in the upper track close the corner, leaving a ¼” out. Then, when your sliding windows are closed, nothing can be done from the outside. Though bars outside the windows can be very effective, preventing windows to be open keep you save from trying to open the door through them.

Let you house appear lived

By installing timers to your lightning circuit and programming them to turn it on and off in different schedules, your house would appear be inhabited and no thief will try to enter. To increase this effect you can contract a gardener to maintain your grass cut regularly. But, my favorite is to program a timer to turn on the stereo tuned in a radio station, twice a day.

You can also hire a security company to check your house regularly but following these tips you can improve the security of your Southern Spain house until your return in summer.

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