Luxury Home in Tarifa – Cádiz

The name “Tarifa” has Arab origin, which inhabited the region of Cádiz, centuries ago. It possesses a climate with mild temperatures and regular winds throughout the year; this makes it suitable for living. A spectacular luxury home design awaits you in the highest area of Tarifa, Cuartón.

Tarifa, the wind capital of Europe

This area of Spain is conducive to practice kitesurfing, a sport in which wind is used to slide on a table in the beach water. And that’s not all, its magnificent beaches, nightlife make Tarifa – Cadiz an ideal place to live. From the upper part you can see splendid views of the African country of Morocco, across the Atlantic Ocean.

House description

This is a two-story house, with an area of 7,492 Sq ft. It has 5 large bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, locker rooms and 4 large balconies. The kitchen is large and fully equipped. The dining room is spacious and bright. The lounge also has two sets of large furniture and fireplace. The house has a gym and a room for the equipment of the home services (heating, hot water and gardening). It also has access for disabled people, pool, air conditioning, insulated windows (double glazed).

The materials used and modern design, combined with the nature around this house, make this luxury home one of the best places for a permanent residence or vacation home. It is completely furnished. The price is 2.600.000 EUR. You can request more information about this house at “”

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