Southern Spain Houses

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Colors of the houses of Spain

When we are going to buy a house in Spain, we must consider that each region has its typical house with certain colors. In Spain we will see that houses are white color by the south (for its high temperatures… Continue Reading →

Bridge in May 2008 in Andalusia and Levante

  This year, on May 1, Labour Day in Spain falls on Thursday, in what many people will choose to take the holiday to Friday from splicing together a long weekend and make some escape somewhere. There are numerous options… Continue Reading →

The coast of golf

  This denomination is not a topic as it could seem when being a submark of support to the Costa del Sol. In that zone is the greater concentration of golf courses that exist in Europe in so short space… Continue Reading →

History of Seville

  CRONOLOGIA  Century I SAW C. The Phoenicians introduce the worship to Hercules, mythical founder of the city. 257 a.C. Occupation cartaginesa. 206 a.C. Foundation of Italics by Scipio the African. 45 a.C. Seville is become city for July Caesar,… Continue Reading →

Valley of the Genal (Malaga)

The rampart walk has been always the natural step of the Strait of Gibraltar to the peninsula, for what all the peoples that have entered Spain the South have followed this route of trip. The travelers and painters of the… Continue Reading →


Located in the Serranía de Ronda, between the Sierra de Cañete and Sierra Zorrito. Almargen identifies with the people of the plains that have their main livelihood in agriculture, in a landscape of olive groves, fields of grain and sunflower…. Continue Reading →

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